Ice Bucket Challenge vs. Do It in a Dress

We’ve all heard about the ALS Bucket Challenge. THAT, my friends, is successful crowdfunding. It didn’t start with a meeting or a fundraising page. It was fueled by human nature and It became viral. It took several iterations and it probably developed from existing wacky challenges (polar bear clubs, cold water challenge) and months to hit it big. My take away: embrace something that already exists, make it yours, simplify, and harness human nature. Irony – it didn’t start as an ALS Foundation idea. Nothing along the way had to keep it specifically for that cause, yet it remained.

One Girl Crowdfunding Campaign

One Girl Crowdfunding Campaign

If you want to create a long-term crowdfund: Think outside the box. Do it in a dress is a lesser-known example of crowdfunding with a very quick interface that signs folks up on the spot, with their own fundraising page for the cause. It feels a little contrived as a fundraiser, which is an imperfection, but it’s still done with flair and an easy online interface. This is what organizations set up. The Ice Bucket Challenge is something regular people set up. Food for thought.

On the Crowdfunding Pro Scale of Long-Term fundraisers , I’d give the Ice Bucket Challenge: 10, Do It in a Dress: 7.